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Macros in XUB (Guides)

by abinning @, Wednesday, March 24, 2010, 19:11 (4195 days ago)

Building a macro button

1. In the macro section write your macro.
Macro anatomy
name,macro,icon#,[macro text]

1. Give it a name we can use to call it.
ie. _NSHT for a Nature's Swiftness Healing Touch macro
2. Type macro here.
3. Give it a macro icon number. You can use the macro# button to find one.
4. write your macro here

You can use \n to write multi-line macros.

_YELL,macro,005,/y I AM A MACRO!

_OMG,macro,895,/cast Nature's Swiftness \n /cast Healing Wave

_OMFG,macro,895,/use 13 \n /use 14 \n /cast Nature's Swiftness \n /cast Healing Wave

2. Use your macro in a group


3. Make sure that group is in a profile


4. Be sure to select a profile
/xub p pRaid

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