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Spell Group Creation Basics

Spell groups consist of 3 parts, groupname,spell,target
The group name can be anything, you refer to it when setting up profiles.
Spell names for standard buttons begin with SB_ , must have the correct capitalization and no spaces in the name. Spell names may also be custom buttons (this is where you can make macros).
The target can be * (the attached frame), player, focus, target, targettarget, focustarget, and some other options.

Ex: Healing group 1, 2 spells and a custom macro. Chain Heal, Riptide and a macro that pops a trinket and casts Lesser Healing Wave.
gHeal1,SB_ChainHeal,* gHeal1,SB_Riptide,*

Focus group, 3 spells, a CC, an interrupt, and offensive dispel. gFocus,SB_Hex,*

Macro to apply profiles

where the profile name = 'n'
/xub p n
This is handy to reapply buttons after a group change or before combat (if your paranoid like me)

Multi-line macros

Use "\n"
_REZ,macro,003,/raid Rezzin %t \n /p Rezzin %t \n /cast Redemption

Position Groups

GROUP specifications:

PROFILE specifications:
This would shift the whole Heal1 group with X=10, Y=50 when attached to the player frame.

Change Button Sizes

In the Unit Frames option screen... Hover over the number to the right of the frame, and roll your mouse wheel.

Multiple Button Rows

Use "CR" in your profiles

Full command reference

name,macro,iconid,[macro text]
more coming here....


#1 - Ross Wilson, Wednesday, April 07, 2010, 12:08:

What im missing is is this active - well the dates seem to indicate it is
BUT I donwloaded 1.8.2 final (changes from v1.8.1 to 1.8.2)
It doesnt work buttons are all empty and lots of lua errors (and is pretty old) and you dont seem to have 1.8.2 in the repository here
http://wowui.incgamers.com/... is Version 1.6 (April 7, 2007) - so out of date
I guess im after where to get the latest working version?

#2 - Donnie, Friday, April 09, 2010, 16:35:

This is the current site to get your updates.

#3 - Andrew Binning, Monday, April 26, 2010, 20:40:

@ Ross:
You would most likely want to use the latest beta update.
Click on "Optional Files" from the WoW interface page, which is where Donnie pointed you.
If you need any help just ask in the forum =)
And remember, I still don't have dev approval for this little help site, but when I do, I will put more up here (especially in this FAQ).

#4 - norman, Monday, October 18, 2010, 17:04:

horion,macro,882,/stopcasting \n /cast Horionsacré
Note there should not be a '#' in the macro icon number

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