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I have updated XUB to 5.04.

eXtreme Unit Buttons, authored by Tayedaen and Paladindrome. CosmicCleric needs some credit to. I created this site to help share information and configurations with all of the XUB lovers out there. Please register on the forums and start posting what you know!

  • Tips (ie. \n in macros CR in profiles)
  • Info (ie. Don't forget to set your unit frames)
  • Configuration (what you are using)
  • Macros (what macros do you like on your unit frames)
  • Layout (where you put buttons and why)

eXtreme Unit Buttons

This highly configurable mod allows players to associate buttons to unit frames. It is meant as a replacement to GroupButtons which stopped functioning with the 2.0 patch in December 2006. The mod extends the capabilities of GroupButtons by providing these additional features:
  1. an unlimited number of buttons per unit frame
  2. Buttons which turn on/off depending on the amount of damage a unit has
  3. Buttons which are dimmed if a unit as that buff or a related buff applied.
  4. Buttons which appear when a debuff is applied to a unit.
  5. Buttons which allow you to have any type of "/" slash or macro command on a button
  6. A variety of a modes for different activities in the game. For example, a set of buttons
  7. for soloing, buttons for instances, buttons for raids, buttons for specific bosses (such as Baron Geddon in MC (to all priests to debuff), buttons for PvP, etc.
  8. Assign buttons to unit frames that when clicked cast spells on different units. This feature allows, for example, buffs and heals for the player unit to appear within the target buttons to minimize the amount of mouse movement between buttons.
  9. Works for any kind of non-casting classes; specifically warriors and rogues.
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